Enjoy All Your Music Sources

Living Room

Dining Room


Theater Room

With MusicCast, you can access all your music throughout your home, enjoying it anywhere. Access streaming services, internet radio, and music files from smartphones, PCs or NAS, and send the same music to various rooms or enjoy various music in various rooms. You can also distribute music from connected components to various rooms — from a TV, USB device or turntable, for example, via an AV receiver. If you have a component with a built-in CD player or tuner, you can also send that music to other rooms. MusicCast is the best way to expand your music enjoyment!



*Streaming service availability varies by region.

Internal Music Sources

Built-in CD Player


External Music Sources


USB Stick

CD Player /
Blu-ray Player

Vinyl Player

Internal Music Sources

AM / FM Tuner

* Devices that can be connected vary depending upon the model.

Stored Music Sources



Stream Music via Bluetooth® or AirPlay®

Living Room

Dining Room


Theater Room

Stream music wirelessly from a smartphone, and use music or radio apps. If you use the Bluetooth connection, you can also play music from YouTube type video streaming services, and distribute all of the music to other rooms.

Any Music APP / Streaming Services

Video Hosting Service

* Airplay cannot be used to distribute music to other rooms.


Simply tap the beautifully designed screen and take control of all the audio equipment and all the music in your home. There are a wide variety of capabilities like the Link function that lets you play the same song in different rooms simultaneously and the ability to freely customise the room screen with your own pictures. Make your musical world even more exciting.

Select Your Music

Select a room

Select source

Select a song

Convenient Playback Functions


You can create your own original playlists.


Register your favorite songs and radio stations, and then call them up immediately.


You can easily select songs or radio stations you’ve most recently played.


The Queue feature lets you assign songs for playing in order.

Easy Setup

Setup is exceptionally simple. Put your various components in the desired rooms, and use the convenient app to connect them in your home network, and then play your music right away by simply selecting the source.

Setup Guide

Setup Process


Press the Connect button on
your device.


Input the password of
your wireless router.


Choose room name and
room photo.

Bluetooth Output for Another Place Listening

All MusicCast products are equipped with Bluetooth output featuring the latest Bluetooth functions. Enjoy music from radio, USB, NAS, CD and more sent directly to Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones for a private experience.

From Living Room

TO Patio / Garden

Bluetooth compatible Speaker

From Main System

TO Listening Place

Bluetooth compatible Headphone

Easy Paring

Pairing operation is simple with the MusicCast App, and in Bluetooth output setup as well easily pair target devices and Bluetooth-enabled equipment just by selecting them.

Supports High-resolution Music Content

MusicCast supports a variety of audio formats including MP3, WAV and FLAC. All MusicCast products support 192 kHz / 24-bit high-resolution audio codec, letting you enjoy your music with extremely high quality sound.

Compared to compressed sound sources, high resolution sound sources more accurately reproduce the sonic details, presence, and atmosphere of a concert hall.

All models support:

up to 48 kHz
Apple® Lossless (ALAC)
up to 96 kHz
up to 192 kHz

Select models also support:

up to 5.6 MHz

* For each product’s codec compatibility, refer to the product page.

Other Superior Features

MusicCast Network Technology

MusicCast features two network configurations, Standard Mode for connecting compatible equipment and routers directly, and Extend Mode that enables WiFi signals from MusicCast products to be transmitted over longer distances. Choose the optimal network setup for your home environment.

Standard Mode

Extend Mode

Cable connection

* In Extend Mode, a minimum of one device must be connected via router and cable.

Eco Design

We think eco design is an essence of product development. All MusicCast models feature Network Standby power mode that achieves low power consumption of under 3 W. In addition the Automatic Standby function automatically turns the power off after 20min with no signal elapses. This eco-design makes MusicCast thoroughly friendly to the environment.

Low Standby
Power Consumption
Less than