Buyer Beware: Always Buy Authorized

Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. is committed to selling its products in Canada through a trusted network of carefully selected Authorized Dealers and Authorized Online Retailers.

We encourage you to purchase your new Yamaha Musical and A/V products through our Authorized Dealer Network to be assured that you’ll receive full advantage of the Yamaha Canada Warranty Program and the service and technical support you’ve come to expect from us.

Only purchases from a Yamaha Authorized Dealer in Canada will be supported by our warranty program.

The Yamaha Canada Warranty Program will not honour products that are purchased through an unauthorized dealer. These unauthorized products are not backed up by the high quality standards and dependability that Yamaha provides.

There are unauthorized dealers that sell Yamaha branded products that may be fake, stolen, grey market, or remanufactured and passed off as new. Beware of those who claim to be authorized dealers but are not in fact part of our Authorized Dealer Network, and when in doubt double check!