Yamaha Used Pianos

We are very proud that our products can and do last for decades. Customers frequently call Yamaha Piano Service to ask about purchasing a used Yamaha piano. Typically, they want to know how old the piano is, whether it is a good piano or not, how much the piano is worth and if they should purchase it or not. We do our best to answer their questions, from a technical standpoint. Unfortunately, there can be used Yamaha pianos for sale that do not represent the original quality and standards that Yamaha applied when the products were manufactured.

With many grey imports of Yamaha pianos from other areas of the world , like Japan, today’s consumers do have to be careful that the Yamaha piano they are being offered is really representative of Yamaha's quality. There are have been several cases where piano parts have been replaced with non-Yamaha parts or pianos have been imported into Canada but are not made for the North American market. The areas of a piano's function that can be affected if the piano has not been cared for correctly are tuning instability, poor regulation and touch, and spare components that were not designed and produced by Yamaha specifically for the Canadian market.

For many people looking to purchase a used piano, we understand that their affordability is a concern. That being said, Yamaha does not waiver on the quality and care we put into each new piano and we would recommend to work with an Authorized Yamaha Piano Dealer to review available options. Yamaha has worked hard to provide affordable and entry level pianos such as the "b series", "GB1K" and "GC series" which have been designed and specified to Yamaha standards but are available for prices that are very competitive when compared to used Yamaha pianos.

Choosing one of Yamaha's new pianos will give you additional peace of mind as each piano is covered by Yamaha's warranty and will continue to offer a good investment and great performance for many years after.