CL StageMix

Contrôle à distance sans fil

With the CL StageMix application, an iPad becomes a wireless remote controller that can be used to set up and operate CL consoles from anywhere on stage or in the audience seating area. There’s even a built-in iPad stay on the CL5 and CL3 panels, providing a convenient mount for an iPad to be used for additional control functionality.

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CL StageMix V7 User Guide [9MB]
CL StageMix V7 User Guide [6.4MB] [9MB]
CL StageMix V8 User Guide [English] [12.6MB]
CL StageMix V8 User Guide [Français] [5.2MB] [12.6MB]
CL/QL StageMix V8.5 User Guide [English] [1.7MB]
CL/QL StageMix V8.5 User Guide [Français] [1.6MB] [1.7MB]

Price : Free

Apple iPad (any model using iOS 8.0 or later)

Yamaha CL series digital mixing console firmware V3.0 or later

Wi-Fi access point (preferably with 802.11n or 802.11ac, 5GHz capability, though 2.4GHz and 802.11g will also work)

CAT5 cable (to connect the console to a Wi-Fi access point)

* Please read privacy policy carefully before downloading and installing the StageMix.

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Série CL

Un nouveau système de mixage audio-numérique comprenant trois surfaces de contrôle et deux racks d'entrées/sorties connectés ensemble via un réseau Dante. Ergonomie simple grâce au Centralogic de Yamaha, ouverture sur l'extérieur grâce aux trois slots d'extension, modelage du son grâce aux nouveaux effets VCM Rupert Neve, enregistrement facile grâce à Nuendo Live.

Live Sound

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Features you can depend on for unsurpassed control and reliability, plus sound that delivers every show with maximum sonic impact.

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