Console File Converter

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The Yamaha Console File Converter is an application that allows data to be shared between a number of Yamaha digital mixing consoles. You can share data between CL/QL series, PM5D, M7CL, and LS9 consoles, so data from one show doesn't have to be completely reprogrammed from scratch for the next, even if different consoles are used.

Console file converter

Converts a console file: [between PM5D and M7CL], [between M7CL and LS9], [between PM5D and CL/QL series], [between M7CL and CL/QL series], [between LS9 and CL/QL series]

Converts common parameters for multiple scenes (including HA and Ch Name).

Incompatible parameters are set to their default values.

Three conversion options provided.

Both Windows and Mac supported.

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Console File Converter User Guide [1.2MB]
prénom OS Taille Dernière mise à jour
Console File Converter V6.0.0 for Win 11/10 Win 103.9MB 2024-01-11
Console File Converter V5.2.1 for Mac macOS 13, 12, 11 (Intel/Apple silicon), 10.15-10.13 Mac 15.9MB 2023-08-02
Console File Converter V5.0.0 for Mac macOS 10.14-OS X 10.9 (Previous version) Mac 13.1MB 2018-12-06

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