SILENT Piano™ conversion kit RSC2

Breathe new life into your acoustic piano

By day, music fills the room. By night, the neighbors don’t hear a thing.

Our SILENT Piano™ technology enhancement for your Yamaha acoustic piano extends the possibilities of your beloved instrument.

Give your acoustic piano superpowers

The SILENT Piano™ technology enhancement is meticulously installed by a Yamaha authorized piano technician, giving your piano brand new abilities without impacting its touch, tone or beauty.

The SILENT Piano™ conversion kit






The SILENT Piano™ conversion kit can be installed on certain Yamaha upright pianos only.

To see if your instrument is eligible, contact your local dealer.

Note: This unit cannot be installed on pianos with self-playing mechanisms or on those already equipped with silencing mechanisms.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.