P Series

P Series gives you the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano touch response they expect from Yamaha - manufactures of world class acoustic pianos for more than a century. These Yamaha hallmarks, along with a high-quality built-in stereo speaker system are packed into a slim.



The best-selling digital piano just got even better. The Pure CF Sound Engine is the result of years of piano-making history combined with state-of-the-art sampling technology and expertise. This new 73 note portable digital piano will aspire you to play piano all the time!

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Portable Luxury

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Your Personal Piano

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P-255 Discontinued

Contemporary portable digital piano for all musicians, suitable for both serious practice and live performance


Enjoy the real feel of a piano anywhere. This compact and stylish digital piano is simple to use.

P-115 Discontinued

Complete with a full array of functions and piano quality. A compact digital piano with a modern stylish design.