Privacy Policy

Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. (“Yamaha”) believes that protecting the personal data of each customer (a “customer” or “you”) is Yamaha’s obligation under laws and ordinances as well as an essential social responsibility. Yamaha sets forth this “Privacy Policy” as follows (this “Privacy Policy”), respects rights regarding your personal data, and protects such rights.

1. Sources and Categories of Personal Data

Yamaha may obtain the following personal data.

  • Name, age, date of birth, email address and physical address, phone number, sex, occupation, place of work or study, information regarding social media, user ID and account, membership number, information regarding visits to stores, products purchased
  • Information provided via questionnaires or campaigns
  • Information necessary for product or service transactions or support (serial number, purchasing history, credit card information, bank account numbers, and the like)
  • Information generated from use of products and services (methods of use for products, frequency of use, settings information in devices used, and the like)
  • Information generated from inquiries to Yamaha (your phone number and voice recordings obtained upon inquiries, history of requests for repairs and the like, information regarding product or service difficulties, and the like)
  • Information generated from transactions with Yamaha (history of participation in concerts, events, auditions, and contests held or co-sponsored by Yamaha (including voice recordings and information regarding instrumental or singing performances), history of participation in music school classes, courses, and the like operated by Yamaha (including voice recordings and information regarding instrumental or singing performances), purchasing or use history for products and services handled by Yamaha, history of licenses, use, and the like for artworks (including musical pieces) in which Yamaha owns rights
  • Downloading and status of use of software, etc.
  • Information generated from the use of software or the internet (information obtained from cookies, etc., information regarding browsers and operating systems of devices you use, location information, service use information, webpages you browse, links you click, emails from Yamaha you open, IP addresses, and the like)
  • Types of devices, their O.S. versions, countries of access, number of users, access dates and times
  • Information provided by questionnaires or campaigns conducted by outside services with your prior consent, information disclosed by customers
  • Information provided by business operators who perform services using information that can distinguish between, but not identify, individual persons (advertising identifiers, etc.)
  • Information on social media services affiliated with Yamaha websites, etc. (with your consent)

If Yamaha obtains your personal data, it obtains your personal data in a proper and lawful manner.

2. Purposes of Use of Personal Data

Yamaha uses personal data obtained from customers within the scope of the following purposes.

  • Provision, maintenance, protection, and improvement of Yamaha’s products and services, development of new products and services, provision of information on campaigns, new products, and the like, implementation of questionnaires, after-sales service for products, and protection of customers
  • Provision of information and content that suit each customer’s preferences
  • Contact regarding transactions, etc.
  • Provision of products and services handled by Yamaha
  • Performance of agreements executed with Yamaha (payment processing, etc.)
  • Management of copyrights and neighboring rights for sound sources
  • Implementation of service activities and handling of repairs during the warranty period and after-sales care after such implementation of service activities and handling of repairs
  • Provision of notices regarding products and services handled by Yamaha and announcements regarding events, etc.
  • Provision of announcements regarding products, services, events, and the like of other companies or groups, such as companies affiliated with Yamaha
  • Ascertainment of your preferences and wishes in order to provide appropriate information and to develop appropriate products and services
  • Provision of information that suits your preferences by integrating information possessed by Yamaha with information obtained from other companies
  • Responses to inquiries, requests for brochures, or other requests, etc.
  • Exercise of rights or performance of obligations under agreements, laws, and the like
  • Screening conducted when applications are submitted for rental instruments, etc.
  • Other purposes based on your prior consent

3. Safety Management of Personal Data

Yamaha implements technical, physical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data and loss, destruction, falsification, divulgence, and the like of personal data and endeavors to protect your personal data through the establishment of a safety management system.

4. Sharing of Personal Data

Yamaha may entrust to a third party all or part of its operations regarding the processing of your personal data. Yamaha does not approve the use or provision of your personal data by any contractor unless it is necessary for a contractor to conduct such use or provision in order to perform the entrusted operations or to comply with laws and ordinances. Yamaha requires each contractor to protect personal data under an agreement.

Yamaha shares data among group corporations as follows.

Yamaha may share all personal data among the following group corporation:

  • Yamaha Corporation

When responding to your inquiries, requests for brochures, or any other requests, etc., Yamaha may transfer to the following group corporations the details of your requests (including personal data) transmitted through a “Contact Us” page on Yamaha websites to the extent deemed necessary for responding to your requests, and the group corporations may use such details in order to respond to your requests.

Japan: and Yamaha Music Foundation

Outside Japan:

Yamaha may otherwise share personal data with a third party if permitted by applicable laws and ordinances.

5. Transfer of Personal Data

Yamaha may transmit your personal data from a country where you reside to other countries (including Japan) and store your personal data in those countries (that combined process, a “Transfer”). Privacy protection laws equivalent to that of the country where you reside might not be enforced in a country that receives a Transfer of your personal data. However, Yamaha processes your personal data in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances and this Privacy Policy.

6. Storage Period for Personal Data

Yamaha stores and uses personal data obtained from customers only for the period necessary to perform the purposes of use.

7. Processing of Children’s Personal Data

With respect to a child’s personal data, Yamaha obtains consent from statutory agents, such as a person with parental authority over that child, and takes other necessary steps in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances, and the like.

8. Cookies

Yamaha may generate cookies and use other similar technologies on Yamaha’s websites. These enable Yamaha to provide each customer with more customized services and advertisements. For more details, please refer to the policy regarding cookies, etc.

9. Customer Rights Regarding Personal Data

By choosing to provide Yamaha with your Personal Data you are consenting to its use in accordance with the principles outlined in this Privacy Policy and as outlined at the time you are asked to provide any Personal Data. If you do not agree with these terms, you are requested not to provide Yamaha with your Personal Data or to contact Yamaha in order to implement choices you may have. For example, you may withdraw from receiving communications from Yamaha or from having your Personal Data used for market research purposes. Unfortunately, certain services can only be offered if you provide Personal Data to Yamaha, therefore if you choose not to provide us with required Personal Data Yamaha may not be able to offer you those services.

All marketing communications Yamaha sends to you will provide you with contact information to withdraw your consent should you decide that you no longer wish to receive such marketing communications and promotional materials.

If you prefer that we do not use or disclose your Personal Data for any or all of the purposes outlined, including marketing purposes or consumer research, you may let us know at the time of collection, or at any time by contacting us via email Please note that if you do not consent to Yamaha’s use and disclosure of your Personal Data, this may affect our ability to provide you with particular products and services.

You can access and review your Personal Data held by Yamaha and make corrections to it. Please contact us via email Yamaha reserves the right not to change any Personal Data but will append any alternative text the individual concerned believes appropriate.

Yamaha will endeavor to provide the information you require within a reasonable time and no later than 60 days following the request.

When we no longer require your Personal Data, we will take steps to ensure that is destroyed, or that your Personal Data is removed.

10. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

Yamaha complies with prevailing privacy protection legislation enacted by Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments and applicable ordinances, guidelines pertaining to personal data in the performance of its social responsibilities as a company.

11. Continuous Improvement

Yamaha continually reviews and improves its compliance program (its program for complying with laws, ordinances, and the like) in order to ensure reliable performance of personal data protection.

12. Contact Information

If you wish to withdraw or change your consent to Yamaha’s use and disclosure of your Personal Data, or if you would like to contact us with a question or complaint regarding our use or disclosure of your Personal Data, please contact us via email or by visit our web site at

13. Revision of this Privacy Policy

Yamaha may amend, revise, add to, or delete the contents of this Privacy Policy in accordance with Yamaha’s internal policies, technological developments, or applicable laws and ordinances. If any material amendment is made to this Privacy Policy, Yamaha will notify you of that amendment as necessary in a recognizable manner.

About Linked Websites

Yamaha’s websites contain several links to outside websites, but these links are not provided for the purpose of sharing personal data. Our company does not take any responsibilities for the collection of personal data at the linked websites, so please ensure you check details regarding the processing of personal data explained on the linked websites.

Dissemination of Information by Customers

Yamaha’s services may include chat functions (for conversation), forums (conference rooms), online message boards, response to inquiries via email, and the like. Yamaha does not take any responsibility for personal data transmitted by customers through these services.

When you use these services, please transmit information at your responsibility and discretion.

Matters Related to Children

Yamaha does not deliberately request or collect personal data from children on our websites.

Any person considered a minor under local laws or any other person under a certain age who attempts to access Yamaha’s websites may use our websites only if he or she has consent from a statutory agent, such as a person with parental authority.