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This collection of articles will guide and inspire you - from making technology easy for everyone in your congregation, to creating a sound system that meets the most demanding worship service needs.

Updating with the Team

2020, what a year crazy year. Life has been totally turned upside down. I can only hope that at some point church life will return to normal with people meeting together, singing and worshipping as we have for 2000 years. ...Read More

Be Your Unique Self

Embrace Imperfect. Laughter. Laughter is one of the most healing things. It doesn’t happen so often anymore, but with two children in my house while I livestream every Sunday morning, there has been a few funny moments where...Read More

Why There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Worship Gig’

I’ve done a good bunch of worship drumming videos and tutorials on my YouTube channel and I’d often get guys asking about ‘church gigs’ how they can get into doing them. My reactions to those types...Read More

Get Ready for Overflow

Overflow, what does that mean? The Greek translation for the word overflow is “huperekchunnó”, which means “running over”. The worshipping experience is one that leaves you “running over” —or in better terms, consumed by ... Read More

It’s all about Change

Involvement in tech ministries in church is all about change. Regardless of whether we are talking about lyric projection or CG, lighting, audio, video, recording, tech director, etc... it’s all about change. How we respond to changes on stage, how we respond to changes in the order of service, how we... Read More

A Crash Course In Live- Streaming

COVID-19 came at the most ironic time for one of the churches I’m involved in with tech ministry. This church had recently decided to develop a video ministry. The ironic part was that as social rules were imposed and churches were shut down that is when the deliveries of gear were just arriving. That being said, I had done a lot of research and planning... Read More

The Kingdom Sound

This is the mindset of a music director on Sunday morning as worship begins. As I lower the keys and synth patch and start to swell in my warm Analog pad, the perfect tone is created as the music begins to flow with the direction of Holy Spirit... Read More

Get Over Yourself!

“I didn’t get any good at this until I got over myself.”

That’s how I describe my career in churches doing sound. I even remember the day it happened. It was at a tech rehearsal at church for our Christmas production. I was happy with the mix I had for the choir and orchestra. Even the spoken parts were sounding good. However, the director wanted something better and gave me a suggestion... Read More

Become a proactive mixer!

Often enough I’ve talked to church techs and heard them say, “I just use these,” referring to the input faders. This statement is usually followed by, “I don’t know what the rest of this does” in reference to the rest of the soundboard. This mindset was bad enough when these techs were using analog soundboards but it is even more tragic now that it is stated in reference to digital consoles.

Digital consoles bring so many more tools to improve the sound but they only work when you know how to use them... Read More

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