YCM01U USB Microphone

Connect. Express. Inspire.

With the recent increase in popularity of various streaming and telework applications worldwide, now more than ever, people of all walks of life are communicating with audiences, friends, and colleagues online. And whether you’re a hobbyist, professional, or somewhere in between, conveying your thoughts, ideas, or performances clearly and concisely is paramount. The YCM01U USB microphone was designed to give you and your listener’s a natural and comfortable listening experience that will add an extra touch of professionalism to your streaming or remote working environment.

A streaming setup in a matter of seconds

Yamaha YCM01U: A streaming setup in a matter of seconds

Creating your own streaming or telework setup has never been easier. No driver installation is required — simply connect the included USB cable to a computer or iOS device and you’re ready to go. Operating the YCM01U is just as simple, with intuitive volume control of your voice and the person/people you’re communicating with assigned to a single dial on the microphone body. Headphones/earphones can be connected directly to the stereo mini jack on the back of the main unit.

*Some devices may require an additional adapter.

High-definition condenser microphone

Yamaha YCM01U: High-definition condenser microphone

The YCM01U’s capsule, the key component of any microphone, is a unidirectional or “cardioid” condenser type, capable of capturing the full texture and power of your voice, while simultaneously conveying the most subtle nuances you want to express to listeners.

The cardioid design of the microphone suppresses unwanted ambient noise from the rear of the microphone, creating a clear and comfortable sonic experience for listeners that lets them focus on what you’re saying.

Retro-modern design

Yamaha YCM01U: Retro-modern design

The head of the YCM01U is decorated with thick lines to create a modern yet nostalgic feel reminiscent of the iconic condenser mic design that has become a staple of professional audio environments the world over. Available in both white or black versions, the YCM01U looks great as a desk top microphone that will add flair to your room's interior décor.

Practical accessories

Yamaha YCM01U: Practical accessories

In addition to the USB cable, a microphone stand is also included for immediate, comfortable and convenient streaming or telework without the need for any additional equipment.

If you feel like working in another location for a change of atmosphere, you can store and carry the microphone in the included microphone pouch without worrying about damaging the unit.

YCM01U USB Microphone

USB Condenser Microphone for live streamers

  • Follows the retro-modern design of the AG01 and YCM01
  • Plug-and-play USB-C connection
  • Zero-latency monitoring
  • Fewer knobs, simple operation

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.