"High-grade standard sound module that inspires creativity"

The DTX-PRO is a next-generation sound module that takes sound quality, functionality, and usability to new heights. The KIT MODIFIER functionality allows you to create your sound freely just by turning the three AMBIENCE, COMPRESSION, and EFFECT knobs to alter the tone and ambience of sounds sampled in some of the most noted studios in the world. The MODIFIER knob is a great stimulus to creativity, giving drummers the freedom to express themselves. The DTX-PRO module brings more enjoyment, more fun, and more freedom to your music than ever before.


Real sounds that drive the drummer

No compromise has been made in recording the sound of the instruments themselves—key to any drum sound, along with the ambience of the place where they are played. The DTX PRO has been fine-tuned to follow the drummer’s performance and allow for maximum expression.

The acoustic drum sounds built into the DTX-PRO are all real sounds recorded in well-known studios. In addition, we have actual ambience elements that are unique to those studios.

A professional recording engineer has recorded and mixes performances by leading Yamaha artists, which, the sound director, an electronic musical instrument development professional, has made extensive use of, from the initial attack until the very end of the recording.

With a sound module carefully matched to the pads that are the drummer’s interface with their instrument, the DTX6 has been fine-tuned to follow along with the player’s performance and offer excellent expressive capabilities.

Intuitive functionality that stirs creativity

The Kit Modifier featured on the DTX-PRO offers drummers limitless possibilities for their creativity.

Kit Modifier condenses the sound creation know-how that Yamaha has accumulated over decades into three knobs: AMBIENCE, COMPRESSION, and EFFECT. A wide range of tonal possibilities are available, from the natural sound of acoustic drums through to live performance sounds carefully crafted by engineers.

The AMBIENCE knob controls the reverberation of the drum sound; for an acoustic drum kit, up to 50% of the memory features the real ambience components of the recording studio, while 51-100% is high-quality digital reverb.

The COMP and EFFECT knobs utilize the "1 knob” control technology featured in Yamaha PA products.

COMP controls the compression effect and brings them to the front, while EFFECT controls effects that have been optimized for preset kits.

High-performance sound engine that recreates sound creation

The high-performance sound engine equipping the DTX-PRO leverages the technologies that Yamaha has acquired over decades of making musical instruments of all kinds.

With authentic acoustic and live drum sounds, the same high-end effects found in professional-grade synthesizers and audio equipment, and effect control functions that let you recreate the techniques of elite drummers with a single knob, the sound engine in the DTX-PRO even recreates the process of creating sound in recording studios and live performance scenarios.

As a complement to this, Yamaha drum pads feature pad sensing technologies that respond with precise accuracy to the actions of the player, delivering the ultimate in expressive capability that is reflected in the sound.

Easy recording, editing, and sharing with the app

The DTX-PRO is compatible with the iOS/Android App Rec’n’Share, allowing you to efficiently practice your songs, and record, edit, and share your videos with the app.

If you start the Rec’n’Share App and load the music data on the app, you can add clicks, change tempo, repeat A-B, and enjoy other functions that let you practice more efficiently with your favorite songs.

In addition, you can record or shoot performances together with music, use the editing function to change the volume balance between the instruments and the music, and cut any unnecessary parts before and after the video. What’s more, sharing to SNS is simple and easy.


DTX6 Series

For whom

Recommended for all drummers who want to have fun, play like a pro, need a compact kit, and hope to easily transfer their skills to acoustic drums.


The innovative KIT MODIFIER function sparking creativity and delivering superb performance.

Equipped with the TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) heads , providing unparalleled levels of feel and quietness.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.