MONTAGE OS v3.0 introduces enhanced synthesis features for creating unique, expressive sound.


The High-Speed LFO provides modulation into audio range up to 1.4 kHz. This is great for adding gritty edges or bring out different harmonics to existing sounds.

VCM Mini Filter and VCM MINI Booster

The VCM Mini Filter effect models the behavior of classic East Coast synthesizers using proprietary Yamaha Virtual Circuitry Modelling (VCM) technology. Mini Filters are known for their characteristic fat sound with a steep 24db rolloff and high resonance without low-frequency loss.
VCM Mini Booster provides a warm analog EQ boost that will fatten up any sound.

Wave Folder

Channel your inner West Coast synthesist with the Wave Folder effect. The Wave Folder adds harmonics by folding rather than clipping any threshold-exceeding amplitude. The result is a harmonically-rich sound that comes to life when animated with Motion Control.

New Performances

We’ve added more Performances with every OS update. MONTAGE OS v3.0 adds even more preset Performances bringing the onboard content total to 2,707Performances.


MONTAGE has always offered sophisticated dynamic control that brings DAW-style automation to live performance. MONTAGE OS v3.0 levels up that control with an all-new Pattern Sequencer and new Super Knob Scene link.

PAttern Sequencer

MONTAGE OS v3.0 adds a Pattern Sequencer with modern real time recording features. Patterns consist of eight 16-track Sections. Each track can be up to 256 bars in length. Build Patterns on the fly with continuous loop recording and apply non-destructive Play FX. You can also record track by track applying Job-based edits to quantize, divide drum tracks, create rolls, etc. Pattern Sections can be chained together to create Songs. Songs can easily drop into popular DAW software using the MONTAGE Connect VST/AU plug-in.

Scene Enhancements

Superknob Scene Link: Set which Parts the Super Knob affects per SCENE. This makes the Super Knob even more flexible.
There’s also a new Keyboard Control assignment for changing which Parts have Keyboard Control per Scene.



Want to connect your external USB controller directly to MONTAGE? Now you can! The USB MIDI Host feature allows you to play the internal MONTAGE sounds directly from a class-compliant USB MIDI controller without a computer.

Hybrid MIDI I/O mode

Hybrid MIDI I/O mode makes integrating MONTAGE with external MIDI devices easier. In Hybrid MIDI I/O mode, you can separate the Parts you want to play and control locally from the Parts you want to control remotely.

Rhythm Pattern

Want to quickly add drums to any Performance? Just hit SHIFT + CONTROLLER ASSIGN to select a drum kit and start playing.

Global Micro Tuning

Global Micro Tuning lets you easily use micro-tuned scales across all Performances.

Changing LIVE SET registration

The new LIVE SET registration lets you link Pattern, Song and Audio files to LIVE SET Slots.

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MONTAGE OS v3.0 / MODX OS v2.0 New Features