When developing the YH-5000SE, we wanted to pursue the ultimate musical experience of immersing yourself completely in music, while helping you to forget about everything else going on around you. To achieve this, we insisted on using only the best components and design considerations for all aspects of sound, while also encompassing wearability, build quality, and design. We hope you will enjoy your favorite songs and freely connect with music you will soon discover with these headphones we have created.


Acoustic Design

Our ORTHODYNAMIC™ driver was born in the ‘70s. Six years had passed since the earliest days of development when I studied drawings left in the company’s old drawers, to the time when the headphones took shape in their present form after many prototypes and trials. These headphones release as much of the detail that is trapped in the sound source as possible while balancing the density of sound and the sense of soundstage, allowing the user to focus on the music. Ultimately, this was our target objective for the YH-5000SE. For this reason, we worked hard on all components and structures, including the driver unit. When the user can hear the attention to detail in recordings made by great artists and engineers, the music will remain deeply in their hearts with more realism, resulting in a superlative experience.


Mechanical and Housing Design

With the YH-5000SE, we used carefully selected materials, from the structural members to the surface materials and finishes. We adhered to the principle “materials should be chosen for a reason” to achieve the sound quality, wearability, and design we initially set out to deliver. The YH-5000SE headphone uses delicate materials that are difficult to handle and materials that are not often used in audio products. We created them with the utmost care from material selection to the manufacturing process so as not to compromise their ideal acoustic properties and aesthetic appearance. And the letters “MADE IN JAPAN” engraved on the body are also a testament to the level of quality that should satisfy meticulous audiophiles.


Affective Evaluation

“What does it mean for headphones to be comfortable?”

“How do users want headphones to feel when wearing them?”

For the YH-5000SE, we began by taking an in-depth look at the essence of these questions. Within Yamaha's R&D department, there is a team dedicated to affective evaluation, which is working to scientifically quantify human sensitivity and perception in the sound and music domain. For this model, in cooperation with that team, we prepared dozens of prototypes with various changes to the lateral pressure of the headphones, earpad surfaces, and the cushioning material. We then conducted repeated tests to find the most suitable combination for long-term listening. Specifically, we sought to achieve the ideal wearing comfort by meticulously measuring whether the headphones would touch the top of the head and the side of the face evenly, and would apply minimum pressure, even for people with irregular-shaped heads. We did this using a surface pressure measuring instrument, and by evaluating sensitivity over long periods of use. We hope you will immerse yourself in the world of music with these headphones, and that they will be so comfortable you will forget you are even wearing them.