Yamaha YCM01U USB Microphone for Streaming

January 18, 2024. Shizuoka, Japan – Yamaha Corporation is pleased to announce the YCM01U, our newest USB microphone.

In response to the growing demand for various streaming and teleworking options worldwide, the new YCM01U USB microphone facilitates clearer and more effective communication online. This device is tailored to provide a natural and comfortable listening experience for both the presenter and the audience, thereby subtly enriching the quality of interactions in both streaming and remote work settings.

The installation process for the YCM01U is straightforward, requiring no additional drivers. A simple connection of the included USB cable to a computer or iOS device and connecting your headphones or earphones to the back of the mic is all it takes to get started. Dials on the microphone body make operation easy, allowing intuitive volume control for both the presenter’s voice and the listener's audio.

The microphone's unidirectional condenser capsule captures the voice in full detail, while also conveying subtle nuances, ensuring listeners receive an auditory experience that is complete and clear.

Designed with thick grille lines around the capsule, the YCM01U has a contemporary appearance with a nostalgic touch, reminiscent of classic condenser microphones found in professional audio settings. Available in both white and black, the microphone complements any desk setup, serving as a stylish addition to room interiors.

Complete with a USB-C cable and a stand, the YCM01U can be used immediately out of the box. The inclusion of a microphone pouch offers portability, allowing users to change their working environment without the risk of damaging the device.

"We are pleased to add the YCM01U to our product lineup for the streaming market," said Yoshiyuki Tsugawa, Senior General Manager of the Yamaha Creator & Consumer Audio Division. "We have been enhancing our distribution-oriented products, such as the AG series. The YCM01U is the easiest of them all to create a high-quality sound streaming environment. We look forward to providing comfortable online communication to a wide range of people with this product."

Yamaha USB Microphone YCM01U


USB Condenser Microphone for live streamers

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