Yamaha Canada Music's 50th Anniversary

TORONTO, ON, (January 1, 2019) — Yamaha Canada Music Ltd. (Yamaha Canada) announced today plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Established in Canada in 1969 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation of Japan, Yamaha Canada has brought musical instruments and AV products into the homes of Canadians through national retail chains, family businesses, and through its many school locations for fifty years.

“Celebrating fifty years is a milestone for any company, and over that time, we have not only helped create a generation of new music-makers, we’ve contributed to the careers and hobbies of countless musicians for them to create art from the products that we make.” Said Yamaha Canada President, Kenichi Matsushiro. “It’s a unique relationship that we share with our customers.”

50th anniversary celebratory events will be integrated into all Yamaha Canada activities in 2019. Yamaha Canada will activate programming across all its channels including retail, events, and digital programming designed to celebrate the past and look to the future of Yamaha in Canada.

One of the most visible initiatives is the introduction of a new logo for the year. The logo, created in-house, pairs the official Yamaha logo with a bold numeric fifty formed using the iconic symbol of Canada: the maple leaf. This new logo was designed to create a visual identity for the celebratory events and promotions that will take place all year.

The Yamaha Canada 50th anniversary year of celebration begins on January 1st and runs throughout the year. A full schedule of 50th anniversary events and promotions will be updated regularly at the Yamaha Canada 50th Anniversary page on the Yamaha Canada Website.

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