YC Series – YC61, YC73 et YC88


Yamaha premium acoustic grand pianos

YC Series features two premium concert grand pianos: the Yamaha CFX and Yamaha S700. These pianos provide full dynamic expression and nuance through meticulous recording and voicing.


With over 17 years of development, the Yamaha CFX is our flagship 9’ concert grand piano. The CFX offers sparkling highs, powerful bass with incredible dynamic range and the strength to project over a full symphony orchestra.


Built by Yamaha master artisans, the S700 is a handcrafted acoustic grand piano with the power to cut through dense arrangements and the control to remain expressive in solo and sparse settings. A staple from the S90 ES stage synthesizer and MOTIF ES music production synthesizer, the S700 remains one of the most popular grand piano Voices available today.


The Yamaha C7 holds the honor of being the most recorded piano in music history. Not only does its signature sound cut through dense mixes to work well with any kind of music requiring a bright piano, the C7 features an exceptionally expressive soft layer as well.


The Nashville C3 is a small but character-rich grand piano engineered in conjunction with our Sound Design and Artist Relations teams. The piano was recorded in our Yamaha Entertainment Group Studios and processed with real analog tape for a distinctive vibe and character.

LIVE CF3 [OS v1.1]

The classic CF3 sound from the Yamaha CP300 stage piano is well-known among professional musicians. A great fit for both pop and gospel music, players will find that the CF3 offers the powerful sound they’re looking for.

Electric pianos & keyboards


Powered by the same technology that made the DX7 famous, YC Series features real 8-operator FM synthesis for full dynamic and expression that can’t be reproduced with samples.

Yamaha CP80

Yamaha introduced the CP80 and CP70 electric grand pianos in 1978 to give musicians “portable” (It weighed over 300 pounds/130 kg!) grand piano sound that could cut through a live band. Now, the strength of the CP80 lives on in the CP73 and CP88 with a powerful sound that does for the piano what amplification did for guitar.

78 RD

Suitable for all music genres, the 78 Rd tine electric piano boasts a high quality, smooth sound—great for pairing with effects like chorus, delay and reverb.

75 RD

If you’re after a distinctive vibe with plenty of character, look no further than the 75 Rd. Its dirty, funkier sound with a nice low end “bark” works great for playing leads and parts requiring a more rhythmic approach.

73 RD

The 73 Rd is a warm tine electric piano Voice with vintage vibe. This piano works nicely with ballads, early 70s fusion, Neo Soul or any time you need to support a singer or lead instrument.

73 RD STUDIO [OS v1.1]

This 1973 studio tine electric piano features smooth, warm tones, perfect for laying down chord beds in ballads, jazz and R&B.

74 RD STAGE [OS v1.1]

Another option when looking for something more aggressive, this bright electric stage piano works well for soloing or more syncopated rhythm parts.


With vintage and modern versions, the Wr reed electric piano voice is a staple of multiple genres from rock to soul. The YC Wr electric piano Voice provides three options (“Warm”, “Bright” and “Wide”) so you can match the sound to the musical setting.

Yamaha organ


Yamaha réunit vos sons d'orgue classiques préférés dans un clavier de scène puissant et compact. YC modélise trois millésimes d'orgue - un millésime tout juste sorti de l'emballage, un millésime qui a fait ses preuves et un millésime riche en caractère. Vous en voulez plus ? Allez sous le capot pour régler le clic des touches, les fuites, la vitesse du haut-parleur rotatif et bien plus encore pour obtenir le son d'orgue unique que vous avez toujours recherché.


En 1983, Yamaha a présenté au monde les sons emblématiques de la synthèse FM (modulation de fréquence) avec le lancement du synthétiseur DX7. Maintenant, la série YC apporte la synthèse FM à l'orgue pour une nouvelle génération de joueurs. Il suffit de passer à l'orgue FM et vos barres de traction contrôlent 8 opérateurs FM qui envoient un son pur avec des basses massives. Ajoutez un haut-parleur rotatif ou des effets de simulation d'ampli pour donner du caractère et de l'ambiance. Les commandes intuitives permettent de découvrir facilement de nouveaux sons. Vous pouvez aussi recréer des sons d'orgue à transistors classiques, allant de la chaleur à l'écho en passant par le bourdonnement, en choisissant l'un des trois modes d'orgue FM populaires.

[Nouveau dans OS v1.2]

Trois nouveaux types d'orgue FM, intitulés F4, F5 et F6, contribuent à élargir votre créativité. Ces derniers approfondissent la synthèse FM en ajoutant des modulateurs - ou opérateurs - qui ajoutent des harmoniques supérieures aux porteuses, sans toutefois produire de son. L'interface utilisateur des barres de traction, associée aux modulateurs, crée de nouvelles approches de l'expérience traditionnelle de l'orgue à barres de traction, faisant entrer le concept traditionnel de barre de traction dans le 21e siècle.

Synths, strings and more

YC Series features synth sounds for covering any gig or session. Split, layer or solo warm pads, lush strings, deep synth basses, synth leads, brass and more. The one to one YC control interface allows real-time interaction for instant sound creation.