Warranty Duration: Brass & Woodwinds


• Warranty Period •

Brass/Woodwinds Warranty Period
Flutes, Piccolos, Clarinets
5 years*
Oboes, Bassoons
5 years*
Saxophones (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) 5 years
Trumpets, Flugelhorns, Cornets 5 years
French Horns 5 years
Tenor Trombones, Bass Trombones 5 years
Alto (Tenor) Horns, Baritones, Euphoniums 5 years
Tubas 5 years
Marching Brass 5 years
Recorders 5 years
YDS150 Digital Saxophone 1 year
Silent Brass Systems 1 year
Venova 1 year
Pianica 1 year

* For wooden wind instruments, a cracked joint will either be repaired or replaced at Yamaha’s discretion in the first year (year 1) of warranty coverage. A cracked joint will be repaired from the second year until the end of the warranty period (years 2 to 5).