[Digital Pianos] What kind of the songs are in 50 Classics?

Last Update: 2-6-2020

Target products: AvantGrand NU1X, Clavinova CVP-809GP / 809 / 805, CLP-695GP / 685 / 675 / 665GP / 645 / 635, CSP-170 / 150, Arius YDP-164 / 144, YDP-S54 / S34, P series P-515 / 125 / 121
*Depending on the region, some products may not be available.

The songs in 50 Classics are as follows.


* Since the keyboard of P-121 only has 73-key, there are some part which cannot be properly played in No. 28, 32~33, 37~39, 48~49.

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