[Digital Piano] Can I disassemble the digital piano?

Last Update: 17-1-2020

<Target products> Clavinova CLP/ CVP/ CSP series, Arius YDP series

Almost all the digital pianos can be disassembled.
If you want to move the digital piano to another location but it is too big to move, you can disassemble it.
To disassemble the unit, reverse the assembly sequence on the owner’s manual. Disassembly should be carried out by at least two people (for the GP type, at least four people).
* There are some models can’t be disassembled. (For example: AvantGrand series, NU1, etc.)

Note the following points when you assemble, disassemble, and transport the instrument.

  • Be careful not to lose any items, like screws.
  • Do not subject the instrument to excessive vibration or shock.
  • Do not put anything on the instrument.
  • Please check the weight of the instrument on the owner’s manual.
  • If you lost the owner’s manual, please see this Q&A.
  • After you disassembled the instrument, always keep the keyboard horizontally. Standing the keyboard up may cause damage to the keyboard.
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