[Pacifica series/SG1820series] How do I replace strings on electric guitar with Grover locking tuners?

Last Update: 28-5-2020

Target products: Yamaha, SG1820, SG1820A, SG1802, PACIFICA311H, PACIFICA510V, PACIFICA611HFM, PACIFICA611VFM, PACIFICA612VIIFM

How to change strings
* Below is an example of PACIFICA611.

1.Turn the peg (B) clockwise to loosen the string and remove the old string.
* As the tension of the string is lessened, the lock releases automatically and the string is released. If the lock does not release, loosen the string post groove (A) by turning it clockwise with a coin.

[For 5th string]
A: String post
B: Peg

2. Turn the string post to the right (clockwise) with your fingers until it clicks into place.
* In this state, the string post hole will open, allowing you to remove the string.
* Please note that the string post hole is no longer aligned with the axis of the string.


3. Turn the peg to adjust the string post hole to the far side (away from the peg), and insert the string through the string post hole.

[In case of 6th string: View from the neck side]

[In case of 6th string: View from the front side]

* Please note that in the “NO” case you may break the string.

4. Turn the peg counter-clockwise (C) while keeping the string taut. After the string post spins, the string lock is actuated.
* The groove of the string post is only used for manually unlocking (with a coin etc.) when the lock is not releasing . Do not try to tighten it, as it does not strengthen the lock. It may cause string breakage or peg trouble.


5. Continue turning the peg to tune to the correct pitch. Make sure that there is no more than one turn around the string post, and cut off the excess string as appropriate. The cut ends can be very sharp. Bend the string ends downward so that there is no danger of injury.

* If you have changed the strings correctly, the strings will draw an arc as shown in the image below.

* Please note that if the string bends at an acute angle as shown in the image below, it may cause the string to break.

Reference: How to change strings of Grover Locking Tuner.

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