[Electronic Drums] How do I connect to an iPhone / iPad / Android device to use a dedicated application?

Last Update: 28-8-2019

Compatible Apps List

  • DTX402 Touch
  • DTX502 Touch
  • DTX700 Touch
  • DTX400 Touch
  • DTXM12 Touch
  • Rec'n 'Share

*See web page of appropriate app for a list of compatible devices.

Two kinds of cables are required to connect digital drums with your smart device. (sold separately)

  1. USB cable AB type
  2. For iOS devices: Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (Apple Inc.) etc.
    For Android devices: USB conversion adaptor (OTG cable) *check your device whether it supports OTG function.

-iOS devices


-Android devices


The cables required depends on your smart device.
See the manual for details. (iOS / Android)

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