[ATS-1080] How to setup ARC (Audio Return Channel)

Last Update: 24-8-2020

You can set up the ARC with the TV as follows:

  1. Connect the HDMI Out (ARC) of the Yamaha Sound Bar to the ARC connection on the TV.
    * On the back/side of the TV one of the HDMI connection may be labeled‘ARC'.
    GAA19825_Pic01 NOTE: If your TV does not have an input that is labeled (ARC), it may not be capable of this application.
  2. Enable the HDMI control function of the unit to activate the ARC.
    *This function is enabled by default. For details, please check the Owner's Manual of each product.
    *If you could not set it up properly, please try to reset the settings of the unit to the factory presets.
  3. Check the setup menu of the TV to verify that ARC (HDMI CEC Control) is enabled.
    * The following are the common settings to look for listed by TV manufacturer:
    - Insignia: inLink
    - LG: SimpLink
    - Philips: EasyLink
    - Samsung: AnyNet or AnyNet+
    - Sharp: Aquos Link
    - Sony: Bravia Sync
    - Toshiba: CE Link or Regza Link
    - Vizio: CEC
  4. Press the TV button on the Yamaha remote and check that sound is output from the Yamaha sound bar.

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