[AV Receivers] ARC Setup / Troubleshooting

Last Update: 18-3-2020

ARC Setup / Troubleshooting for AV receivers.

  1. Verify Input Selection and volume: Receiver would be set to AUDIO 1 Input (initial setting).
    *The initial setting may differ depending on the product. For details, refer to the Owner’s manual.
  2. Verify Connection: ARC connection of receiver needs to be connected to ARC connection on TV.
  3. Check receiver settings: HDMI Control and ARC need to be set to ON.
  4. Check TV settings:
    Verify that HDMI Control (CEC Control) and ARC are enabled in setup menu of TV.
    *If you need help with the setup menu of the TV, please contact the TV manufacturer.
  5. Power down and unplug the AC power of the TV and receiver.
    Reconnect and then test again.

If you have further questions, please contact Yamaha customer support.

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