YAS-109 How to setup ARC (Audio Return Channel)

Last Update: 15-11-2019

YAS-109 ARC (Audio Return Channel)

  1. Connect the HDMI Out (ARC) of the Yamaha to the ARC connection on the TV.

    *On the back of the TV one of the HDMI connection may be labeled ‘ARC’.

  2. Factory reset the Yamaha sound bar.

    * On the YAS-109 the factory reset (initialize) is done using the buttons on the unit itself, not the remote.

    A. Power the unit OFF.

    B. Press and hold the [VOLUME+]and [POWER] buttons until all the light flash on the unit. The Alexa indicator will not flash.


    * This will reset the sound bar.

  3. Check the setup menu of the TV to verify that ARC (HDMI CEC Control) is enabled.
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