TP Series


7.5 inch Snare/Tom pad with 3-zones (Open/Closed rimshot capable)


7.5 inch Snare/Tom 1-zone pad


7.5 inch snare/tom/hi-hat pad. 3 zone.


7.5 inch snare/tom/hi-hat pad.


12 inch snare pad. 3 zone with controller.


This 10" pad is a 3-zone type that can be mounted on a tom clamp. The pad's rim is divided into 2 zones that, when plugged into a 3-zone input, lets you play both open and closed rim-shot sounds in addition to the head. Each zone can also be assigned to trigger any 3 voices you choose. Also featured is an easy-to-adjust pad controller placed within easy reach to provide easy control over snare adjustment and tuning.

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.