High quality

Noise‑free transmission

Microphone and speaker cables are the only analog cables used, so noise pickup is reduced to a minimum for superior overall sound quality in systems of any scale.

Low latency

Latency can be individually set for each device. When different latencies are set for the transmitting and receiving devices, the highest (longest) latency setting takes priority.

Select an appropriate latency setting based on the number of switches (hops) to the furthest device, including the internal CL/QL/R series switches. If the latency setting is too low, the sound may be distorted or intermittent.


CL/QL/R series latency settings : Switch hops between devices

0.25 msec : 3

0.50 msec : 5

1.00 msec : 10

5.00 msec : For troubleshooting