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Genos2 panel layout from player’s view.

DX7 Pack

This pack adds to the preset Voices, completing the collection of 128 original Voices from DX7.

DX7 product photo./Icon image of DX7 pack. The DX7 product photo is on the background.

Genos Complete Pack

This pack enable you to enjoy all contents provided for the Genos on the Genso2. You can enjoy your favorite content from the Genos as it is on the Genos2.

Icon image of the Genos complete pack. The image of the back of Genos is on the background./Product photo of Genos, featuring Genos' iconic rear design.

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In addition to exclusive expansion packs for Genos2, there’s already a growing library of free Voice & Style Expansion packs for you to choose from. The packs providing everything from new Voices, Styles, One Touch Settings to MultiPads, enabling you to personalise your Genos2’s content.