Yamaha International Highlight Concert 2023 in Jakarta

Performances by Students of Yamaha Music School Around the World, In-Person for First Time in Four Years

Yamaha Corporation announces that it will host the Yamaha International Highlight Concert 2023 in Jakarta, a concert performed by students of Yamaha Music Schools in over 40 countries and regions around the world, in Jakarta, Indonesia on Sunday, December 3.

Yamaha Hybrid Piano AvantGrand NU1XA

The Yamaha International Highlight Concert was first held in 2019 in Singapore as a unification of the Asia Pacific Junior Original Concerts, Yamaha Electone Festival, Yamaha Junior Piano Competitions, and other concerts featuring students involved in each of the various Yamaha Music School activities. In addition to featuring classical pieces on piano, original pieces composed by Junior Original Concert*1 student performers, and improvisation*2, the concert will also bring together students who are studying pop music such as singing, drumming and more. Several students will present improvised performances in a relay format, leveraging their own sense of musicality to expand on short motifs (melodies) of approximately two measures, provided by audience members. These improvised performances will provide a glimpse of the benefits of a comprehensive music education that "fosters creativity," which is one tenet of the Yamaha Music School philosophy.

This fifth iteration of the event will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, making it the first in-person concert in four years, after the second, third, and fourth iterations were held online. An online premiere of the event will also be published on Yamaha's official YouTube channel in February 2024.

The key visual for the event features two warriors from a traditional Indonesian form of puppet theater called "wayang," together with a famous Indonesian batik pattern called "mega mendung," which is a cloud motif. The design represents our hope that the fiery passion of Jakarta will run high for this first in-person concert in four years.


Yamaha International Highlight Concert 2023 in Jakarta


Sunday, December 3, 2023, 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm (local time)


Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta, Indonesia

How to Participate:

Check the webpage (Indonesian only) for details.

Organized by:

Yamaha Music Indonesia Distributor and Yamaha Corporation

Supported by:

Yamaha Music Foundation

Online Premiere:

An edited recording of the event will be published on Yamaha Global, the official YouTube channel of Yamaha Corporation, in February 2024. Once published, the recording will be available for viewing at any time.

No, Title, Performer, Style, Country/Region

1, CALIPSO (Composed by ELOY MIGUEL DÁVILA GÓMEZ), "IN POP BAND", Ensemble, Venezuela

2, Space Travel (Composed by Hsu, Shan Chieh), Hsu, Shan Chieh, Electone Solo, Taiwan

3, Cat and Mouse (Composed by Keira Chung), Keira Chung, Piano solo, Canada

4, The Last Stage (Composed by Bi Yoo), Bi Yoo, Piano solo, South Korea

5, Macro Contraption (Composed by Isaac Nathaniel Lukito Setiawan), Isaac Nathaniel Lukito Setiawan, Electone Solo, Indonesia

6, The Spy (Composed by Jaden Wan Wen Xi), Jaden Wan Wen Xi, Piano solo, Malaysia

7, Through Time (Composed by Yee You Ray), Yee You Ray, Piano solo, Singapore

8, Through the Dream World (Composed by Michael Ethan Hoo), Michael Ethan Hoo, Ensemble, Indonesia

9, Improvisation, TBA

10, Italian Concerto in F major, BMV 971: I. Allegro (Composed by J. S. Bach), Lim Yee Vaine, Piano solo, Malaysia

11, Kibou (HOPE) (Composed by Lim Han Quan), Lim Han Quan, Electone Solo, Singapore

12, I like being alone (Composed by Ink Waruntorn Paonil), NK, Ensemble, Thailand

13, Just Wanna Music (Composed by Jin Yongxiang), Jin Yongxiang, Ensemble, China

14, Ballade (Composed by Shiho Numanoi), Shiho Numanoi, Piano solo, Japan

15, Traditional Indonesian Medley (Arranged by Kenan Loui Widjaja), ETHNOSEPTA, Ensemble, Indonesia

*1 Yamaha Junior Original Concert

The Junior Original Concert (JOC) provides children aged 15 and below, who study at Yamaha Music School around the world, with the opportunity to compose pieces that express their feelings and perform them. Held in various locations around the world since 1972.

*2 Improvisation

Improvisation refers to free musical expression of the artists' feelings, played on the spot. It often refers to the performance of a piece of music based on a provided motif or theme and composed on the spot by performers playing several different musical instruments. Looking back at the history of Western music, one notices that musicians often gave improvisational performances during intermissions at concerts. Many famous composers, such as Beethoven and Liszt, were known to be experts of improvisation. Looking at popular music as well, jazz is known for its widespread use of improvisation, which serves as an important aspect of the genre that allows artists a way to showcase their individuality and prowess. Yamaha Music Schools aim to provide general music education that fosters creative musical expression. Composition and improvisation both symbolize such creative musical expression. Yamaha Music Schools offer lessons based on a consistent curriculum that emphasized the ability of students to express their feelings freely in the form of sound and music.

The philosophy of Yamaha Music School is "To foster the musical sensitivity that everyone is born with, to develop the ability to enjoy creating and playing the music of their own and ultimately share the joy of music with anyone." Yamaha Music Education System is a systematic method to implement this philosophy. We are actively involved in training teachers, developing teaching materials, implementing a musical skill grading system (Yamaha Grade Examination System), and holding concerts. In addition, we are promoting the popularization of music and educational activities while also working on the development of schools around the world as well as staff training.

Yamaha Music School first opened in Japan in 1954, followed by the first international location in Los Angeles, USA in 1964, and now over 160,000 students learn and experience the joy of music around the world. While harmonizing with the unique cultures and nationalities of different countries, the joy of music is being spread.