CFX Concert Grand Piano Presented at Music of the Patria Grande, A Cross-Latin American Event Supported by the Republic of Argentina

 On December 26, Yamaha Music Latin America (YMLA) organized a concert on the occasion of the presentation of the new CFX Concert Grand Piano at the Teatro Margarita Xirgu in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

 The concert was titled "Music of the Patria Grande" and introduced works of Mexico, Bolivia, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba, Peru, and of course, Argentina. Patria Grande is an expression that is used to refer to the concept of the unity of Latin America. For this occasion, 16 of the main Argentine pianists were summoned who interpreted their versions of musical works from all over Latin America.

 This production was carried out in conjunction with the support of the Republic of Argentina through the National Plan Cultural Equality (Plan Nacional Igualdad Cultural), a government project that promotes the dissemination of culture.

 The CFX Concert Grand Piano had previously been used on the main stage of the Jazz Festival in Buenos Aires and at the opening of the national event in celebration of 30 years of democracy, but this was the official presentation for the artists and the public.

In this concert, pianists from all generations and styles were present including Mono Fontana, Paula Peluso, Hernan Jacinto, Manolo Juarez, Leo Sujatovich, Lilian Saba, Nicolas Ledesma, Carlos Aguirre, Andres Beewsaert, Lorena Eckell, Juan Raffo, Diego Schissi, Adrian Iaies, Jorge Navarro, Horacio Lavandera and Lito Vitale.

This concert was the perfect opportunity for the artists to express the potential of the CFX Concert Grand Piano and for the public to enjoy its sound. All of them seemed to be impressed by the depth, color and nuances of the sound, and praised the quality of the instrument.

The recording of the concert will be published as CD and DVD which will be released soon.

The direction, production and the recording of the concert were performed by Lito Vitale, a prestigious Argentine musician and producer, and an artist of Yamaha.