Yamaha Teams with Sarah McLachlan to Support Music Program

In cooperation with Sonata School of Music, Musica Academy, and St. John’s Music—all of Calgary—we will be holding our 2011 National Junior Original Concert (JOC).

The JOC is a unique activity in which Yamaha Music Education System students, under the age of 15, perform their own original compositions. The JOC was established by Genichi Kawakami, former Chairman of the Yamaha Music Foundation, in order to develop the limitless creativity and ideas of children.

In addition to studying previously published music, students of Yamaha Music Schools are encouraged to express themselves with their own music. This is one of the basic tenets of the Yamaha Music School philosophy.

The 2011 JOC will be held at the Glenmore Christian Academy Theatre on Saturday April 30th. Proceeds from the sales of tickets will benefit the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

JOC Tickets

Tickets are available for $8 and can be purchased in person or over the telephone:

  • Sonata School
  • 2335 162 Avenue SW
  • Calgary T2Y 4S6
  • 403-256-8787


For information about Sonata School

Visit their website at