Popular Music Courses

Guitar Course (ages 7 to adult)

Chording, soloing and band playing, all taught in a group setting -- that’s what makes this program a great way to learn guitar. The course covers many styles, note and chord reading, as well as electric guitar techniques. You will gain essential ensemble playing skills as you learn -- a must for any aspiring guitarist.

Violin Course (ages 8 to adult)

It’s never too late to learn to play the violin, and this course is the best way to start. Students are taught in classes, grouped according to their age and ability. A well-organized curriculum and motivating software accompaniments help to make the early stages of violin playing a pleasure rather than a pain. Styles range from classical to fiddle to popular.

Woodwind Courses: saxophone and flute (ages 8 to adult)

Yamaha’s saxophone and flute classes feature great repertoire, motivating accompaniment, and clear and practical exercises that make learning sax or flute more enjoyable than ever. Solid training in fundamentals will enable students to start off playing on the right foot.

Drum Course (ages 8 to adult)

One of the most popular Yamaha courses worldwide, this group course teaches not only kit playing, but proper stick technique and reading skills. The up-to-date material and accompaniments make this the ideal starting point for all drummers.