Joey Muha


Julia Nolan

Enthusiastic and vivacious drummer, Joey Muha, has been captivating audiences since completing his first tour at the early age of 16. Whether it’s playing small bars for 6 people or massive amphitheaters that hold 60,000 people, Joey’s drumming has always brought him to new and unique live settings. This includes performing in 15+ countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

In between tour cycles, Joey has created his own brand as a solo act as he actively creates engaging online videos which have garnered him 150,000,000+ combined video views and a loyal online community of 750,000+ followers.

Stamp out any preconceived notion of what you think a drummer SHOULD be! Joey maintains an enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere while pushing the boundaries for what can be achieved on a drum set. Presenting the world with unique and engaging drumming in relatable ways is what he’s all about!

Joey currently plays a Live Custom Oak kit in Blackshadow Sunburst in the following sizes: 10x7”, 12x8”, 14x13”, 16x15”, 22x18”, 14x.55” with Yamaha cymbal stands, snare stand, hi-hat stand and HEX Rack.