Dynamo & BadNutBeats


Dynamo & BadNutBeats

Dynamo & BadNutBeats appear faceless, glowing white under black-light effects, playing a bike bell and another instrument you've never seen before, creating an ominous beginning to their live set. What follows is a journey through refined soundscapes and grooves strengthened by the duo's vast performance history as members of other bands*, and their eclectic mix of influences.

You feel scared at first, by the way they look, and the music gives you butterflies in your stomach. But as you sink into their world you absorb the peace and harmony that they create, and start to love these faceless personalities. But don't get too comfortable, they'll challenge you with sound and sight, making you hungry for more.

Buy a copy of their debut album, Gonzo and then stay tuned as the duo announces official release shows and begins to infiltrate live music venues everywhere.

*names of other bands have been kept confidential to protect the innocent.

Dynamo BadNutBeats play MOTIF XS and Yamaha Acoustic and Electric Drums when live on stage.