ZG01 Mixeur audio pour jeux en streaming

Please download ”Tools for ZG" from the Internet. It is available at the following URL.

*The USB driver and ZG Controller are included in "Tools for ZG".

The ZG01 is compatible with mobile batteries (5 V 1.5 A). However, we do not guarantee that all types of mobile battery will work.

No, the ZG01 does not support USB connection for iPad/iPhone. iOS devices can only exchange voice chat audio by connecting to the AUX mini jack (TRRS) via a conversion adapter.

These buttons are used to control audio effect presets for game and voice chat sounds output from the HDMI and USB terminals. Parameters can be finely tuned with ZG Controller.

These buttons are used to control audio effect presets applied to voice input from a microphone or headset. Parameters can be finely tuned with ZG Controller.

Switches phantom power on/off. Hold down the button to toggle between on and off. When the switch is on, DC +48 V phantom power is supplied to the microphone connected via XLR to the [MIC IN] jack on the rear panel, and the LED will light. Turn phantom power on when using a condenser mic.

Switches between HDMI Input between [HDMI 1] and [HDMI 2]. The LED of the input you select lights up.

Mutes the HDMI audio input. The button lights when the audio is muted.

Switches the output destination of the monitor audio between headphones and speakers. The LED of the selected output lights up.

The 2-in/1-out HDMI ports allow direct connection to consumer game consoles, and can also function as a 2-input HDMI switcher and HDMI conversion adapter with audio extraction. (Audio out: 2ch 24-bit/48 kHz fixed, Video signal: Pass-through)

*The ZG01 doesn't have a video capture function. Therefore game streaming live video will require a compatible external video capture device.

Video format: VGA, 480i (60 Hz), 576i (50 Hz), 480p (60 Hz), 576p (50 Hz), 720p (60 Hz, 50 Hz), 1080i (60 Hz, 50 Hz), 1080p (60 Hz, 50 Hz, 30 Hz, 25 Hz, 24 Hz), 4K (60 Hz, 50 Hz, 30 Hz, 25 Hz, 24 Hz)

If you want to exchange higher spec video signals such as 4k/120 Hz, use another compatible HDMI splitter product before the ZG01.

ZG01's is mostly compliant with HDMI 2.0b and supports HDR 10 and HLG.

*The ZG01 is not certified for Dolby Vision, and has not been officially confirmed to be compatible with it

It is necessary to install the USB driver to connect the console to a Windows/Mac device. To install the USB driver, please refer to the following.

Veuillez vérifier la connexion USB de type C.

- Si vous n'avez qu'une alimentation par bus à partir d'un périphérique PC, essayez d'ajouter une connexion d'adaptateur secteur USB à une borne 5 V CC.

- Si vous utilisez un adaptateur d'alimentation USB, veuillez vérifier sa spécification d'alimentation à fournir.

*Le ZG01 nécessite 1,5 A pour un fonctionnement stable.

Voice input from the microphone/headset, game sound from HDMI/USB, and voice chat sound from USB/AUX will be sent mixed in any balance you wish.

The mix is set on the STREAMING OUTPUT MIXER page of ZG Controller.

Only your voice input from the microphone/headset will be sent.

The level and effect settings depend on the settings of the gain knob and fader of the main unit and on the MIC SETTINGS and MIC EFFECT pages of ZG Controller.

The version of the HDMI port of the ZG01 is equivalent to HDMI 2.0, and the specific support status is as described in the manual.

*HDR10 and HLG are also supported.

No, we guarantee stable operation only up to the subject as described in the manual.

When capturing video output from Apple devices (Mac/iPad/iPhone), it is necessary to place a capture device with an HDMI through port in front of the ZG01 and perform with HDCP disabled.

*Detailed behavior and settings depend on the specifications of the devices to be used in combination.

Please note that even if HDCP is disabled on the capture device at post-stage of ZG01, the Apple device at pre-stage of the ZG01 will not turn off HDCP and will not output the signal as expected and will not capture correctly.

This may be due to the noise suppression/gating function on the platform side. *In most cases, the default value is Enabled.

The noise suppression/gate function of the tele-conferencing service/apps generally cuts out sounds other than the speaker's voice. It is recommended to disable the noise gate in that service/app and use the one in the ZG01*.

*The ZG01's noise gate can be adjusted in the ZG Controller app.

Please check the USB type-c connection.

- If you are using a USB adapter power supply, please check its power specifications to ascertain the amount of power it can supply.

*The ZG01 requires a current of 1.5 A for stable operation.

- If you are using a USB adapter power supply, please check its power specifications to ascertain the amount of power it can supply.

Please check if the mic input of the headset is plugged in. MIC IN and Headset Mic cannot be used at the same time. The Headset Mic input has higher priority.

Please check the status of the monitor select button. The headphone/headset output of the ZG01 and SPEAKER OUT output cannot be used simultaneously. The output depends on the monitor select button setting.

The audio signals from the PC and console are overlapping.

Use the following methods to fix this.

For ZG Controller: Set MIC MONITOR LEVEL to 0 on the headphone monitor output page.

For streaming software: Turn off the monitor switch on the webcasting software.

Please check if the GAIN level is too high. Also, please try to speak into the microphone.

Please install ZG Controller to adjust the EFFECT parameters. The only control available on the console is ON/OFF.