Where did the name MONTAGE come from?

The word "montage" is commonly used as a movie editing technique, combines multiple Videos shot from different perspectives into a continuous cut. It also used as a photographic technique, combines fragments of various pictures into one single picture.

Our new flagship synthesizer is named MONTAGE with a hope to be recognized as symbol of a musical technique using MOTION Control, which is a main feature of it.

Also Motion Sequence that provides incredible new ways of programming sound, similarly comes out from the concept of MONTAGE.

What is Motion Control?

The Motion Control System is a completely new feature for variably controlling Motions (rhythmical, multidimensional sound changes) in real time. This amazingly powerful feature dramatically and dynamically alters the sounds of the instrument in new, never-heard-before ways—changing texturally, rhythmically with the beats, providing cool, colorful lighting effects, and responding expressively to your creative passion.

The Motion Control System has three main functions:

1) Super Knob

2) Motion Sequencer

3) Envelope Follower

What is Super Knob?

What is Super Knob?

Super Knob is Macro controller for creating multi-dimensional sonic changes, and enhancing those changes with colorful, continually shifting lighting changes.

Super Knob can be controlled by Foot Controller?

Yes. You just connect your Foot Controller (FC7) to FOOT CONTROLLER2 jack.

What is Motion SEQ?

The powerful Motion Sequencer feature lets you dynamically change sounds by operating Parameters depending on sequences created in advance.

It provides real time control for changing sounds depending on various sequences such as Tempo, Arpeggio, or the rhythm of external connected devices.

What is Envelope Follower?

Envelope Follower is a function for detecting the volume envelope of the input signal waveform and modifying sounds dynamically.

What is LIVE SET?

MONTAGE has a Live Set function for easily calling up Performances as you play onstage.

Once you’ve stored Performances in the desired order, you can concentrate fully on your playing and never be at a loss on which to choose.

What is SCENE function?

Each Performance can have 8 SCENE settings.

You can assign different "snapshots" of important part related parameters such as track mute status and the basic Mixing setup to the SCENE [1] – [8] buttons as Part Scenes.

What is SSS (Seamless Sound Switching) ?

MONTAGE has SSS (Seamless Sound Switching) function for switching between Performances smoothly without any notes being cut off.

What is ABS (Audio Beat Sync) ?

ABS (Audio Beat Sync) is a function for detecting the beat of the audio signal input from A/D Input and synchronizing the beat with the Motion Sequencer or Arpeggio.

What's the biggest difference from MOTIF series?


- Totally new mechanism "Motion Control"

- New FM-X tone generator


- Modeless. Unify to one Performance mode.

- Touch panel UI

Is there any data compatibility with MOTIF series?

Yes, MONTAGE has the Voice compatibility with MOTIF XF.

And also has some compatibility with old generation MOTIF series. For more detail, please check the following URL.

Are there "Voice" on MONTAGE?

No. There are just Performance.

Voice of MOTIF XF included in MONTAGE as single part Performance.

Are there All of MOTIF XF Preset Voices on MONTAGE?

Yes. There are 1,353 Voices (128 * 9 bank + 72Drum Kit + 128GM + 1GM Drum Kit)as Performance.

Same? MOTIF XF voices on MONTAGE and MOTIF XF voices on MOTIF XF.

They are very similar but technically not identical.

MONTAGE has more improved sound engine than MOTIF XF and different analogue circuit boards. Some of voices sound different slightly, depending on voice selected.

MONTAGE can load DX7's sound library directly?

By using "FM Converter" (tentative name) available on May, you can load DX7's sound library to MONTAGE. For more detail information, you will be able to get on April.

Maximum polyphony is 128?

AMW2: 128 and FM-X: 128, so 256 poly in max.

These polyphony don't depend on processing resource, you can use always.

Are there any expansion options for MONTAGE?

No. MONTAGE already has flash memory and USB Audio/MIDI onboard.

Can I expand the capacity of User flash?

No. You can use onboard 1.75 GB for User area.

MONTAGE can be used by 16 part Multi timber?

Yes. MONTAGE's Performance can have 16 parts in max.

*All the preset Performances are made by within 8 part.

Effect bypass function is available?

Yes. MONTAGE has this setting in UTILITY.

But you can access to this setting directly by just push "FX" icon. All screen has "FX" icon.

MONTAGE has Digital Output?

MONTAGE does not have Optical/Coaxial digital out, but MONTAGE has USB Audio. You can use digital out via USB Audio.

MONTAGE has "Master Keyboard" function?

Yes. There are setting in Utility and each Performance.

MONTAGE has DAW Remote function?


MONTAGE has Sampling function?

No. But MONTAGE can load wav file.

MONTAGE has Fully-functional Sequencer?

No. MONTAGE just has the simple sequencer "Performance Recorder". It does not have edit function.

Balanced Output is available?

Yes. MAIN OUTPUT and ASSINGNABLE OUTPUT are Balanced Output by TRS Phone.

Of course you can use Unbalanced cable as usual.

Can I record to MONTAGE itself?

MONTAGE features a Performance Recorder (built-in multi Track sequencer) for recording your keyboard performance as MIDI data.

This function allows you to instantly store your phrase which comes to your mind.

You can create full, complex multi-instrument arrangements and complete Songs, using DAW.

And when you connected USB flash memory to MONTAGE, you can record as Audio data to USB flash.

MONTAGE can play MIDI file and Audio file?

Yes. Compatible format is the following.

MIDI: MONTAGE original format and SMF format0/1

Audio: WAV (44.1 kHz/24 bit/Stereo or 44.1 kHz/16 bit/Stereo)

Ten key is available?

Although physical ten key is not existing but software ten key is available on some function and parameter.

Network function is available for MONTAGE?

No. it's not planned to have this function currently.

Are there any Demo songs onboard?

Yes, each Performance have demo phrase by Audition.

MONTAGE bundles Cubase AI?

Yes, MONTAGE has download version of Cubase AI 8.

Are there any PC/Mac software for MONTAGE?

We will release the software "MONTAGE Connect" on Autumn 2016.

This software has two function, "Recall" & "Performance record transmission".

For more detail information, you will be able to get on April.

MONTAGE has PC/Mac Editor?

No, it's not planned to release currently.

What kind of OS does MONTAGE have compatibility?

Windows: Windows 7 SP1、Windows 8/8.1、Windows 10

Mac: Mac OS X 10.9.x / 10.10.x / 10.11.x

What kind of USB driver MONTAGE can use?

Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver. Compatible version will be released on May, 2016.

What's the compatible sampling rate on connecting PC/Mac?

44.1 kHz、48kHz、96 kHz、192 kHz

Can MONTAGE connect with iOS device for using the App "AN2015" or "Music Remixer"?

Can MONTAGE connect with iOS device for using the App "AN2015" or "Music Remixer"?

Yes. MONTAGE has the compatibility with Class Compliant, so you can connect and use those App.

When you connect with iOS device, please use Apple "Lightning - USB Camera Adapter".

What's the difference between MONTAGE6/7/8?

Keyboard is different. MONTAGE6 has 61 keys FSX keyboard, MONTAGE7 has 76 keys FSX keyboard, and MONTAGE8 has 88 keys BH keyboard. System specification and Tone generator are same.

How fast the start-up time?

Around 17 seconds.

MONTAGE support the USB Wi-Fi-adapter?


MONTAGE can use Bluetooth wireless MIDI adaptor MD-BT01 or UD-BT01?

Yes, MONTAGE support both MD-BT01 and UD-BT01.

MONTAGE works as an Audio Interface?

Yes, MONTAGE works as following.

44.1kHz: Send 16 Stereo channel to DAW and receive 3 Stereo channel from DAW

44.1/48/96/192kHz: Send 4 Stereo channel to DAW and receive 3 Stereo channel from DAW

*Only 44.1kHz can select 16 Stereo or 4 Stereo to send