NETWORK PLAYER CONTROLLER is designed to control Yamaha network player which is communicated via a LAN cable by using smartphone / tablet.

Key Features

(1) Playback/control network player in line with DLNA.

(2) When the internet radio is selected from this application while network player is connected to the internet environment, it plays on network player.

(3) Check/change the configurations of network player.

(4) Music Play feature allows you to stream music tracks directly from your smartphone / tablet.

(5) This application is exclusively designed for network player Refer to the official website regarding supported formats and operation verification of peripheral devices.

Device Select / Input Select

[Device Select]

Networked Yamaha devices are automatically displayed in the device menu.

[Input Select]

Just by touching an icon, you can select the source or service you want to enjoy.

CD Player Control / Music Play

[CD Player Control]*

You can control the basic functions of CD Player such as Play, Pause, Skip and CD tray operations.

*CD-N500 and CRX-N560 only

[Music Play]

Browse and play music stored on a smartphone / tablet using the NP Controller App, with full access to cover art and track information.

Content Browsing

Information such as artist name, song title and album name are displayed via a colorful cover art image.

Content Browsing (landscape)

optimised operating system menu to High resolution for iPad If a song title or folders is highlighted, the full song title will appear.

Content Browsing (portrait)

iPad is able to show 2 layers of song lists which aids ease of operation.

NP-S2000 (3.00 or later version firmware is required.)

CD-N500 (2.00 or later version firmware is required.)


R-N500 (1.07 or later version firmware is required.)

CRX-N560 / CRX-N560D / MCR-N560 /MCR-N560D (1.04 or later version firmware is required.)

*Certains modèles ne sont pas disponibles dans certaines régions.

- iOS version 5.0 or higher

- Android version 4.1 or higher, less than 8.0

A wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and network player residing within the same LAN.

* Cette application ne collectera ni ne transférera jamais de manière externe les données personnelles stockées dans votre smartphone/tablette.

* Cette application remplit les fonctions suivantes aux fins décrites ci-dessous.

Établir une connexion dans un environnement Wi-Fi

L'application utilise la fonction WiFi de votre terminal mobile pour faire fonctionner des appareils compatibles avec le réseau.

Accès aux informations musicales stockées dans votre smartphone / tablette

Cette application accède aux informations musicales stockées dans votre smartphone/tablette dans le but d'afficher, de jouer et de modifier les informations musicales et/ou la liste de lecture.

La parfaite reproduction et concordance des couleurs affichées sur ce site ne peut être garantie par Yamaha.