Karah James



Karah James is 1 of 4 original members of the Toronto based pop band, Valley. Karah is known for her roles as both drummer and singer/songwriter. The band met fatefully when the members were double booked at a local studio. “We hung out the next day after we met and found that we clicked immediately. The music making with each other happened very organically soon after and we’ve just been having one long hang ever since.”

Karah made her first drum kit out of shoe boxes in the basement. Her mom heard her drumming from upstairs and signed her up for lessons that day. “The first time I sat down at a drum kit it was really magical, I knew it was my calling in life and just had to find a way to make it a career so that I could make music and only make music.”

The band has enjoyed incredible growth in recent years and garnered Juno nominations for “Breakthrough group of the year” in 2020 and more recently nominated for “Group of the year” in 2022.

She has played Yamaha Drums exclusively in a professional manner for over 8 years.


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