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Vintage Bronze Limited Edition Saxophones

Limited Edition Vintage Bronze

An exclusive selection of Saxophones in a unique Vintage Bronze lacquered finish.



An acoustic piano with a volume control, or a digital piano with strings?
Visit the TransAcoustic Website.

Launch of the brand new T5 models!

Tyros5 - The Power of Reality

Is it real or is it Tyros5? To discover a new reality in music click here..


Your Third Amp

THR is designed to fit where, when, and how you play when you’re not on stage.

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11/11/2014 [Audio & Visual]
Yamaha “Post Your Perfect Playlist” Stereo Receiver Giveaway

You read that right, it’s Giveaway time! We’re so excited about the launch of our new Network Stereo Receiver that we’re giving you a chance to win some serious prizes. Enter the contest and you could win an R-N301 Network Enabled Stereo Receiver or a pair of our HPH-PRO400 headphones.

5/11/2014 [Music Education]
[Yamaha Kids Blog Post] Dani from Cloudy with a Chance of Wine Declares Yamaha Music Classes the Best Thing About Saturdays

It's been less than two months at the Yamaha Music School with her little girl, and Dani from declares Yamaha Music Class the best thing about Saturdays. Read on!

5/11/2014 [Music Education]
[Yamaha Kids Blog Post] Practice Makes Perfect with Brooklyn Berry

Brooke shares some revelations as the lessons get a little more complicated. Read More!

5/11/2014 [Music Education]
[Yamaha Kids Blog Post] One Smiley Monkey Gives us an Update on Month Two of Yamaha Music School Classes

How do preschoolers learn to play piano? Angela from gives us a detailed rundown on a month in the life of Yamaha Music School family. Read on!

28/10/2014 [About Yamaha]
Fraudulent Cheque Alert

We've recently identified a criminal practice where a third party unaffiliated with Yamaha has been using counterfeit and forged Yamaha cheques to defraud unsuspecting users on Craigslist and Kijiji.

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