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[DME Satellite]

High-performance terminal I/O processors for a DME network. DME Satellite devices can also function as stand-alone DSP engines.

DME Series Brochure [English] DME Series BrochurePDF [1.6MB]
Y-S3 Brochure [English] Y-S3 BrochurePDF [711KB]

This product is exclusively available to commercial audio dealers.

For a list of dealers, software updates, CAD drawings, and training visit the Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems website.

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The DME8i, DME8o and DME4io are the latest additions to Yamaha's innovative DME series of digital mixing engines that allow complex audio systems to be designed and created via software running on a computer. The "C series" models (DME8i-C, DME8o-C and DME4io-C) feature a CobraNet™ network interface for advanced networking flexibility in complex installations, while the "ES series" models (DME8i-ES, DME8o-ES and DME4io-ES) come equipped with EtherSound™ networking capability that provides easy setup for remote placement of analog input and output devices in temporary sound reinforcement systems. Both types offer greater freedom for system design while reducing cabling costs, and overall system redundancy and reliability can be enhanced through distributed placement of analog I/O and signal processing.


Ideal for Expanding DME64N or DME24N Based Systems

The DME Satellite units are network interfaces that provide analog inputs, outputs, or both. Select the DME8i, DME8o or DME4io according to the remote I/O configuration you need. You have a choice of CobraNet™ ("-C" suffix) or EtherSound ("-ES" suffix) n...

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