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Colours / FinishesYTR-8345:Yellow brass/Clear lacquer

  • YTR-8345:Yellow brass/Clear lacquer
  • YTR-8345S:Yellow brass/Silver-plated
  • YTR-8345G:Gold brass/Clear lacquer
  • YTR-8345GS:Gold brass/Silver-plated


[Xeno Series]


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Innovation that Inspires

Xeno Bb trumpet, Bell: Yellow brass, 123mm (4-7/8") , Bore: L 11.73mm (0.462 "), Weight: Heavy, Mouthpiece: TR16C4

Available Colors and Finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.
Some colors may not be available in some countries.

YTR-8345 is a large-bore Xeno Bb Trumpet with a broad sound and plenty of power.


New bell design

A new bell design contributes to optimum resistance for a powerful tonal core. The new design also enhances playability in the upper register.

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