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RM-SHSA Snare Stand

RM-SHSA Snare StandRM-SHSA Snare Stand

Stadium Hardware with the new Easy Drop and Lock receivers is the latest in lightweight technology from May, offering quick set-up and ultimate stability on or off the field. The easy drop and lock snare stand makes it simple and quick to go from carrier...

RM-SHQA Tenor Stand

RM-SHQA Tenor StandRM-SHQA Tenor Stand

The innovative design of the May U-channel Easy Drop and Lock receiver provides effortless changes from carrier to stand while properly securing the tenor rail. This receiver works exclusively with Yamaha tenor rails Hard rubber foot provides non-slip su...

RM-SHBA Bass Stand

RM-SHBA Bass StandRM-SHBA Bass Stand

Stadium Hardware promotes correct playing technique, elevating your percussion section to a higher level of sound and visual performance. Yamaha Stadium Hardware is suspension equipment that will save wear and tear on your percussion instruments and your...

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