Marching Instruments

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Marching Snare Drums

Marching Snare DrumsMarching Snare Drums

Yamaha snare drums are specially designed for lightweight easy portability, while still providing a full and exciting sound.

Marching Multi Toms

Marching Multi TomsMarching Multi Toms

Yamaha marching toms deliver an excellent balance of tone, projection, weight, and durability.

Marching Bass Drums

Marching Bass DrumsMarching Bass Drums

Yamaha bass drums offer an optimum combination of lightweight design and excellent sound.

Marching Xylophones

Marching XylophonesMarching Xylophones

Acoustalon bars offer a projecting tone in a lightweight design.

Marching Bells

Marching BellsMarching Bells

Aluminum alloy bars are lightweight and will not rust.

Carrying Holders

Carrying HoldersCarrying Holders

Carrying holders for marching drums, xylophones, bells, and keyboards.

Multi Percussion Racks

Multi Percussion RacksMulti Percussion Racks

Perfect for indoor and outdoor marching activities, stage-show pits, percussion solos, and percussion ensembles, the multi-frame products from Yamaha are sturdy, convenient and practical.

Stadium Hardware

Stadium HardwareStadium Hardware

From carriers and stands to great add-ons, Randall May® marching hardware perfectly complements Yamaha marching drums.

Marching Brass

Marching BrassMarching Brass

Yamaha marching brass feature unmatched durability. They also produce the finest sound, the highest quality, and best consistency.

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